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Enter to win a free ticket to the 2022 Soil Revolution Conference!

Larimer Conservation District is sponsoring 5 producers/landowners within our district boundaries to attend the 2022 Soil Revolution Conference this December in Boulder, CO. The Soil Revolution Conference is an annual conference series planned and hosted by a collaboration of local Boulder County agricultural organizations. The goal of the conference is to increase implementation of soil health practices and ideally soil health management systems. Speakers include Elizabeth Kaiser, Bob Quinn, and Joe Lanier. The conference will take place at the Boulder Jewish Community Center located at 6007 Oreg Ave, Boulder, CO.

To be eligible to enter to have LCD pay your conference entrance fee, you must be a producer or landowner within LCD's boundaries who can tell us how attending the conference would be beneficial for you and/or your organization. Only one representative from your company/household please. Send us a message by November 14th to enter to win.

Interested in going?

Send us a statement on how going to the Soil Revolution Conference would benefit you and we may choose to pay your registration fee!

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