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Sarah Turner

Education Specialist

Sarah loves kids and it shows. That’s why she’s our Education Program Specialist! A fourth-generation Colorado native, Sarah grew up on a farm only a few miles from where her family homesteaded for many generations. Her upbringing instilled a strong love for agriculture and a sense of responsibility to pass on her passion to others.


Sarah's professional career is a reflection of her passion for education. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and taught for many years. She’s mentored college students and has been involved in various community outreach programs and event planning.


Sarah joined the LCD team in late 2019 and immediately went to work building Expedition Colorado, an educational event for fourth graders in the Poudre School District. Guest speakers and subject matter experts from around the state come and teach the kids about agriculture, wildlife, conservation, and natural resource management. Since its inception, the event has grown from a few hundred students to 1,400 students in 2022!

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