Auston Palenik

Conservation Forester

Auston began working for LCD in the summer of 2018 as a Forestry Intern. LCD realized how valuable Auston was to the team and decided to keep him on part-time. After graduating from CSU with a BS in Natural Resource Management in 2020, Auston joined the LCD forestry team full-time. Auston brought his knowledge of silviculture and noxious weed management, as well as his contagious optimistic attitude.


Auston’s childhood was largely spent in various degrees of hooliganry – mostly in the mountains on his trusty skis. Though Auston might be the most laid-back human you’ve ever met (have you seen his astroturf flip-flops?), he’s no slouch when it comes to ecological knowledge, forest management expertise, and data analysis.


In the true spirit of LCD, Auston knows how to play as hard as he works. His love of essentially every sport, and his natural athletic ability keep him busy on his weekends and vacations.

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