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Husted Ranch

Husted Ranch

Total Cost:
Funding Sources:
Objectives and Outcomes:
223 Acres

NRCS FRWRM, Northern Water, Peaks To People

Wildfire Risk Mitigation, Wildlife Habitat Enhancement, Restored Forest Health, Improved Grazing, Community Protection, Water Infrastructure Protection

About this project:

Husted Ranch has experienced a drastic shift from historical reference conditions. Species compositions have shifted from Ponderosa Pine to Douglas-Fir & forest densities have greatly increased. The project area has also experienced Mountain Pine Beetle and mistletoe outbreaks which have adversely affected forest health. Mechanical thinning will be implemented on approximately 195 acres of forested lands to restore the functionality and vigor of the forest and reduce the effects of severe wildfire on the Dry Gulch/Lake Estes drainage. The project is adjacent to treatment planned on the National Forest as part of the Glen Haven Fuel Reduction Project.

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Photo Point 11 (2) After.jpg
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