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Little Thompson Headwaters

Little Thompson Headwaters

Total Cost:
Funding Sources:
Objectives and Outcomes:
262 Acres


Wildfire Risk Mitigation, Wildlife Habitat Enhancement, Restored Forest Health, Improved Grazing, Community Protection, Water Infrastructure Protection

About this project:

This project consists of three landowners located right off of Highway 36, next to Hermit Park open space. A good chunk of the properties on this project focused on meadow restoration. Due to years of fire suppression, young trees remain in meadows that would normally be removed by periodic fire events. To combat this, the Conservation District pushed the meadow and forest boundary back to its historical position using evidence on the ground as well as historical imagery. Like much of Estes Valley, species composition was a concern and Douglas-Fir and Spruce were in higher density than historically present. In the absence of periodic fire events these species will out compete Ponderosa Pine and Aspen, leading to a resource concern. 


  • Improved fire resistance for the community and residual forest structure

  • Improved habitat for elk, which are a staple in the Estes Valley, as well as deer and other vertebrates

  • Return to historical densities before fire suppression

  • Increase Aspen and Ponderosa recruitment

  • Increase resistance to pine beetles and other disturbance events

Photo Point 11 (2) After.jpg
Photo Point 11 (2) After.jpg
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